Direct Response

Television shopping is accessible and convenient, and provides advertisers with a forum in which they can talk directly to customers who are ready to buy.

Important factors that will assist in the direct response way of selling include:
  • An offer to encourage people to buy i.e. buy the product and get an accessary
  • Make it an advantage to order the product, save you time, healthy etc
  • Guarantee a delivery date and stick to it
  • Easy to pay via the web or phone e.g. a credit card/s that is well known and respected
  • An easy, memorable website to order on
  • An easy, memorable phone number
  • Competitive pricing
  • Money back guarantees (30, 60 days)
Expo viewers watch several times to see informative demonstrations on a range of products before making a purchasing decision. Expo is a cost effective way of
reinforcing advertising campaigns and test marketing products to an audience that is predisposed to purchasing.

The end result directs real customers directly to your call centre, website and/or location.