Slim Cycle

Slim Cycle is the revolutionary, 2 in 1 fitness system that combines cardio training with strength resistance, for a full body workout in one dynamic, comfortable machine.
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LegXercise Pro is the revolutionary patented machine that uses continuous automatic leg movement to promote healthy circulation the natural drug free way!
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FITT Gym is the ultra-versatile, total body, multi-gym. It’s a 3-in-1 fitness system that combines a bodyweight gym for strength, an ab slider for defining and sculpting your core and a Pilates style reformer for toning and stretching.
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Ellipse by LegXercise

"Ellipse by LegXercise is a premium quality, automatic seated exerciser that uses low impact, smooth, motorised, elliptical motion to strengthen legs, increase mobility and naturally stimulate healthy circulation, without physical strain or impact."
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Proform City L6

The Proform City L6 treadmill is the most lightweight, convenient treadmill for everyone from casual exercisers through to serious fitness junkies. Coming preassembled and benefiting from Proforms patented SpaceSaver design it is easy to unfold and use it when you want, and then simply fold it up and wheel it away and store it when you have finished.
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Echelon Connect

Now you can enjoy an immersive, studio-quality cycling experience with a global community and world-class instructors from the comfort of home.
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Circulation Cycle

Is exercising too hard, too time consuming, can’t get to the gym? Solve all these issues with the Circulation Cycle®; a new advanced 2-in-1 fitness system.
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Cubii Foot Pedal Move

Cubii is an inclusive destination for people to pursue wellness seamlessly and accessibly on their own terms. For people who are looking to improve their health through exercise but feel left behind by the 'standard' options,
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Fiona Summers Gym Magic

The Gym Magic is for Everyone. You do not need to go to the gym to tone, shape and strengthen your body, you can literally do it sitting in a chair!
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